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What is your inner yeti craving today?

Yeti Snacks has pretzel flavors for every appetite. Salty, sweet, and wildly outrageous!

Yeti Snacks flavored pretzels is an Oregon made snack - What's your inner yeti craving today

Classic Flavor Pretzels

A unique flavor all of its own that is sure to leave your every bite craving another. Classic remains our top seller since day one. An easy choice to satisfy your insatiable hunger. 

Fiesta Flavor Pretzels

A bold South-of-the-border-taco-like flavor. Plenty of flavor without the spice.

Chili Flavor Pretzels

Pair this with a hearty bowl of chili smothered in cheese or perhaps a cold brew of your choice. A Yeti's favorite snack without spicy heat.

Bean N' Cheese Flavor Pretzels

Like biting into a bean and cheese burrito. A subtle flavor making it irresistible to reach for another handful.

Cinnamon Sweet Flavor Pretzels

A mouth watering treat. A dessert-like pretzel perfect for carnivals, fairs and parties. It's a flavor much like eating fry bread, elephant ear or funnel cake.

Chili Inferno Flavor Pretzels

Man's next best friend. If you like hot foods this is sure to test your palette. The Yeti Inferno flavors are likely one of the hottest snacks on the market. The only way to tame the fire is to have another!

Garlic Inferno Flavor Pretzels

A garlic lovers favorite. Packed with plenty of heat and zest, this pretzel leaves your mouth on fire and begging for more.